Monday, 24 January 2011

The Arc de' Pacis . The Arc de' Pacis


The Arc de' Pacis, is a monument dedicated to Peace, given to Augustus on his return to Rome from France (Gaul) and Spain. The building containing the monument is designed by American Architect Richard Meier (Getty Centre L.A, Museam of Contemporary Art Barcelona) Most Romans dispise the building, with one candiate to be Major proposing to tear down the building if he was elected. Personally I am a fan, but think 'signing' a building is beyond pretenious.


  1. Yes, that is kind of pretentious! Why do Romans not like the building? Do they not like the architecture? Also, seems kind of strange to me that an American architect was hired for the project!

  2. I will always love a picture of Rome. Thankyou for commenting!