Saturday, 10 December 2011



Everyday something happens in China that makes me realise what a different culture I am now living in.

There are many small anecdotes I could share, but I will tell you about one that happened yesterday. We were in an imformal meeting at work and my college came over and started staring at my note book intensely, and then chuckled to himself.

He then looked at me and said 'beautiful handwriting', and then looked a bit embarassed and went on to say, in broken, but good english.

' We say in China that westerners who are fat have fat handwriting, and those that are skinny have skinny handwriting... but you have beautiful handwriting'

At that he scuttled off to the otherside of the table.


  1. wow...I think that China is incredible....
    fantastic blog!
    ciao my dear friend!


  2. Love this. How sweet. x