Saturday, 18 May 2013

Ibiza + Beaches

These pictures need little, if any explanation. We spent the first bank holiday of May in Ibiza, to enjoy everything that the island isn't famous for; some of the most beautiful beaches and clear water in the world and a quiet tucked away hotel.

We stayed at Can Skye, a stunning converted farmhouse slightly north of Santa Eulalia. I could not recommend this place enough, a haven surrounded by farm land with wild peacocks in the grounds. The three days were spent driving to as many beaches we could find, toasting in the hot sun and then shivering in the freezing sea. 

Pictures in order- A few of Can Skype where we stayed, beaches Cala Nova, Cala Comte, Cala Vadella, Es Vedra and Cala Jondal 

Understandably I had to literally be dragged back to grey London. 


  1. AHAHA what a sea!I love the picture of you with the little buddha!:)