Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Food In China


1. Tempura ice cream, like the prawn, but with ice cream
2. A sweat potato, sold on the streets.
3. Chocolate Ice cream served in a toilet bowl, in a restaurant called 'Western Toilet' - a novelty for the chinese.

Food... said in chinese chifan (cherrr - then yell FAN). I struggle with food, at this moment I am contemplating 'paste soup' for dinner. Thats Heinz paste that you mix with water and call soup, its a new product and I really don't think it will catch on.

Here are a few odd things that I have tried over the last few months, and this isn't even the half of it. Maggot omelette anyone? No I think I will stick to my 'paste soup'.


  1. I want to eat it all! Can't wait! Hope the paste soup isn't too bad xx

  2. The ice cream looks delicious ;) you have such a nice blog!!