Saturday, 24 March 2012

Lama Temple, Beijing


The Lama Temple in Beijing was next door to the hostel we were staying at, we went at exactly the right time when the sun was setting and the other tourists had gone. Chinese New Year is a very spiritual time for the Chinese, and many go to the Temple to light incense and pray. It was great to see a real temple layout after studying so many floor plans and reading so much online/in books at work. Next step Lhasa in Tibet.... I wish.


  1. Amazing pictures as always!!! The first is outstanding! Take care dear!

  2. I loved this place when we went there - it was at the end of the day and most of the tourists has given up. Almost all the people we saw were lighting incense sticks and we saw two monks - the older one winked at us! I loved the scale of it too - the main buildings were in an area 200m by 50m, and it felt contained and intimate; the Forbidden City felt - monumental and a bit aseptic.

    Great pictures!