Saturday, 9 June 2012

The 1,2,3 or blogs worth visiting...

I find it useful when people refer me to good blogs, when there are so many rubbish ones it is good to get some direction. My addiction is pretty bad when I am tired after work (but at least it has never extended to watching you tube make-up videos !!).... but here are a few blogs that are definitely worth visiting.

One for the boys

Hastagadorn is a new blog set up my a friend who has been indispensable this year. I am expecting big things from this blog, or at least some advice on what to buy boys for christmas...


Two Italian travel blogs
I am always looking for new ways to keep up with italian, and reading these two blogs helps... although when I am tired I do skip to the English.

Firstly The Travel Book. I especially like to read the posts about Rome, to see the beautiful city at all times of year. The picture of the Spanish steps brings back many memories, as they were a few minutes walk from where I used to live on Via Tritoni


The Travel Eater, I love this post on the D'Orsay in Paris. It is by far my favourite museum in the world (closley followed by the Picasso Museum in Paris and the Ponte Del Dogana in Venice). I love the upper rooms that house the Gauguin paintings of Tahitian women.


Three Interior blogs



1. The Selby, I want Karls Library, it is my ultimate goal in life. 
2. Apartment Therapy, if you like to be nosey as other peoples houses. 
3. Patternity, not strictly interiors, but I feel you could turn any of these ideas in the most amazing wallpaper, inspiration should come from all angles. 


  1. Thank you!!!I'm really happy to have you as a reader!!Especially because I really love your blog too!!!:) xoxo

  2. Ooo I like these type of posts - always looking for new blogs to follow! I still think you underestimate how good youtube is... :)

  3. oooh Thank you my dear!! I'm so impressed by your words I'm so glade you like my blog! Yours is one of my fav, so my happiness is even stronger!! ;)
    Thanks and good luck for everything!