Sunday, 3 February 2013

Out takes. South East Asia

In no particular order and completely random content a few of the photos which I left out. One month in South East Asia. 

Saying goodbye to Thailand // Returning a family member to their house on Elephant (not the small hands around guy on lefts shoulder // Relaxing on a quiet Island in Halong Bay, Vietnam // Refilling our mopeds // The entrance to the Ancient city of Hue // China beach in Danang where GI's relaxed during the Vietnam war // Shadow selfie // Train friend// harrowing footprints at the My Lai massacre memorial site// fun bath, Nhg Trang // Sleeping on an 8 hour train journey // Mirror Selfie in Dalat's crazy house // A happy child in Chicken village // Relaxing in the Ritz Carlton, Saigon // Boats in the Mekong Delta // An aligator!! // Ankor Wat // Washing up Vietnam style // Ankor Wat again // Packing for the UK,  Bangkok - Hong Kong- Dubai - London


  1. incredible photos!