Sunday, 17 March 2013

One Month Living in Sardinia


Rewind...... I took these pictures two summers ago when I lived in Sardinia for one month. The house was incredible with an roof top dining room, where we ate every meal and where I read or studied Italian and (attempted to learn) chinese. The sunsets were stunning and as the weeks went by I learnt about the different winds to hit the island. 

-Sirocco, a hot and originally dry wind, originating from African deserts 

-Mistral, a North-West wind. Along the coastal strips, protected by no mountains, the Maestrale has left indelible signs in the landscape. It eroded and modelled  the rocks, and deformed the trees. 

Sardinia was the last time I was in Italy and the end of working the Italian job. A very relaxing last month living la dolce vita. 

This week I also discovered this blog >> World Tour Stories >> amazing stories about a couple sailing around the world together. 


  1. bellissime foto as always!!:) Also the blog you discover is pretty cool, thanks for tips!;)

  2. Love this post! Also love discovering new blogs! x