Sunday, 24 March 2013

Yangshou - Last days in China

Yangshou, near Guilin is famous for towering limestone peaks and flat farm land. Its is also rumoured to be the place which James Cameron visited before creating Avatar, but for our family it is known as the place where my sister got engaged. 

I visited during my last weekend in China and packed everything in to a short weekend with a 12 hour sleeper bus at each end. But arriving sleepy, hungry and disoriented and waking up to this view made it all worth while. 

On our first day we walked the length of the Lee river and stopping for lunch we were presented with the above menu. We watched this old man pose for 100's of chinese tourists with his Cormorant fishing birds and watching the children play in their idyllic town- happiest children in China!

The next day we hired out bikes and went on a muddy demanded cycle ride to the dragon bridge. 

The end of the day and into the night was spend in the famous Monkey Janes roof top bar playing a classic game of chinese beer pong (who said there isn't an internationally spoken language?!)


  1. Beautiful photos and I love being mentioned in my favourite blog. It brings back so many great memories from almost a year ago x

  2. Anonymous24.3.13

    unbelievably jealous!
    Love the guys beard x